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Words of Power for 2021

Part of my work as a spiritworker is to bring messages from the spirits to the collective. Today (14Jan2021) I journeyed to the Upper World to work with a spirit teacher and bring back words, or phrases, of power to the collective. Because this is a message for the collective, all people can use, articulate and embody these principles as best they can. This is what was given to my by the spirits.


The energy of this word is an energy of being on-guard and of discipline. Specifically the spirits brought forth the message of being vigilant around the word "freedom" and how we use it. People often pervert this word to mean "I can do whatever I want". The spirits remind us that freedom can also mean:

  • Freedom from want

  • Freedom from fear (the freedom and ability to feel safe)

  • Freedom to make our own choices

  • Freedom to be our good, true selves without fear

  • Freedom from sexism, racism, etc.

The spirits ask that we truly check in with our courageous heart and not live in fear. Be vigilant about checking in and stand in your power.


The spirits ask that we release our ties to a romanticized past that neve was. Instead, we need to dream or envision a future that brings beauty and peace to all living things and an equitable future for all humans. The spirits ask you to think about how you are supporting a future that is good for all living things. Small things do help, here: cleaning up your favorite walking spots when visiting, composting if possible, driving less, buying less, etc. Supporting organizations with your time or money as you can is great as well.

Moral Equity

Right now we have different rules for different people based on skin color, sex, gender, class, etc. The spirits told me that we must really begin to embody and articulate the phrase "all men (people) are created equally" in order to have a just society. This means all people. What can we do here? Anything you can do, and do with no strings attached, to help people who have less power than you is a good thing here. Things here can include giving money or food to a local food bank; giving to organizations that help people; volunteering, etc. There are many organizations that help BIPOC, the homeless, women fleeing abusive relationships, immigrants, etc. Support these as you can. Things like calling your government reps to get more help to people who need it is free.

With the Blessings of the Spirits,



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