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 In-Person Class & Workshops



I am teaching in-person at the Soul Purpose in Swansea, MA

April 16 Plant Journeys to Mugwort and Elder

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June 1 &2

The Armory, Somerville, MA

Plant Communication

with myself & Barbara Aspland-Wolf
Find event info for Herbstalk here



Individual Apprenticeship 
ongoing enrollment

Individual Apprenticeship/Mentorship is a one-on-one program for people who want to learn a specialized skill or two in either herbalism or spiritual work that I have expertise in. 

For spiritwork, my areas are shamanic journeying; personal and household clearing; spiritual uses of herbs; dealing with the restless dead; working with your own Ancestors, plant-spirit or animal-spirit ally; developing a relationship with your own spirit guides as well as overarching spirits like archangels, the directions, etc., all with an emphasis on your own development. There are assignments (written, artwork, journaling...whatever the spirits think you need to do).
We meet twice a month via Zoom or in person for about an hour. One session for teaching and then to discuss what's going on for you, problems you're encountering, questions and further clarification on what you're working on or just to touch base. Interim email support is also given.
An application essay detailing your herbwork or spiritwork experience and what you'd like to study is required.
The cost for this program is on a sliding scale of $125 - $200/month.

Students in this program also get a discount on healing sessions.

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Deb if you are interested

Living as an Empath Online Class
hosted on Learn it Live Spirituality
Do you feel you are an empath or sensitive? Tired of being pushed around by the tides of energy you encounter? Join me to learn ways to live in the world and not be overwhelmed by it. In this class I discuss the importance of being grounded, good boundaries and self-care.  This is a pre-recorded class.  You will have to register on Learn it Live Spirituality (it's free).  Class includes unlimited replays.
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