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Space Clearing

  • Space Clearing is removing of intrusive energies (ghosts, elementals, fae), negative energies, energetic imprints, portals, vortexs, etc.,  and bringing in Divine Light to your home or business.

  • Deb works from a deeply respectful, animistic perspective.  Deb and her team remove energies in a compassionate manner from this plane of existence to where they need to be. There may or may not be a story attached to this removal.


  • This service is for problematic spaces.

  • Please note that if disturbances in the space is focused on, or related to, an individual or individuals living in the space, those people need to be cleared separately.

  • Recommendations to keep the space clear need to be followed.

  • Pricing for Space Clearing is variable, usually starting at $265


Please contact Deb for a consultation.

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