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Neurodiversity and Distance Work


Last year (2023) was a hard one for me. Lots of very stressful things happened and I felt awful throughout most of the year. One of the things that happened round about October was that I got diagnosed ADHD probably with the little side of autism as well.


Once I received this diagnosis lot a lot of things that I experienced in my life made a boatload of sense. One of the things being how my neurodiversity affects my healing practice and how I work or like to work.


One of the things that came out of the pandemic is that I found I rather like working with people at a distance. This is a part of my neurodiversity. I find it fosters much better boundaries. It also enables me to see client’s energy better. I really feel that I do most my most effective work over Zoom. Being on the phone is hard because it actually puts me in the middle of someone's energy and makes it very hard to discern what’s going on. I really like to work with this kind of really distant kind of form of communication. It really works well for me. I can see the person so I get a sense of their energy in that way as well. Often energy that is off in people gives their face a greyish cast to me. I love being able to see the shift once the healing is finished and look at a client whose coloring has become radiant. For some reason this shows up more for me onscreen even that it did in person.


Another thing is that I do not have to expend so much energy in masking my disability, something that neurodiverse people do. I am way less drained seeing a person over Zoom because I don’t have to constantly monitor my own body movements. And I just don’t worry so much because no one is in the room with me and I feel safer. It allows me to concentrate much more on the healing work that I’m doing. I also like it because it is so much more private as well.


One of my goals every year is to be the best practitioner I can be. Doing distance work enables me to do the best work I can.


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