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Deb Fate-Mental is an archetypal Wise Woman and has been in practice for almost a decade. Her healing expertise combines traditional plant lore with authentic, old-fashioned shamanism and spiritual healing.  Deb helps people Remember themselves via healings, classes and readings so they may re-connect with Nature and the Divine.  Deb is available for in-person healings and divination in Hopkinton, MA and distance via Skype or phone.   Aside from healing work, Deb is working on a book and is a Druid-in-training.


What Deb has to say about what she does…

“When I am performing a healing or when I am teaching what I’m really doing is bringing that person into alignment and connection, more specifically nature connection (or interspecies connection) and remembering. That is the current under everything I do. It’s there and it’s what I’m really conveying when I see a client and when I teach. The people who respond the best, whether they’re students or clients, are open to and understand that connection and remember. It’s also what makes me super-fun to have as a teacher and it’s what makes me a powerful healer. It’s what that light is when I work; I remember and can shine out or become that connectedness. It’s imperative that we remember this. That we remember we’re all one family; that we all live on this Earth together in community and we’re all connected. We’ve forgotten this for a very, very long time.”

About the name of the practice:

"I decided to name my practice after the Elder, Sambucus canandensis.  The Elder is a very special plant being to me.  She sheltered me when I was a child and is always there for me as an adult.  She's the tree of the fairies in European folklore, the Elder Mor, the Elder Mother.  I feel a deep healing in her presence.  I named my healing practice after her to honor our relationship."


I give deep and heartfelt gratitude to all my human teachers as well as my Spirits and the Plants.  Where would I be without you all?  My teachers have made such an impact on my life and I have been so blessed to be taught by each of them. Much love to all!


  • Blessed Maine Herb Farm School of Herbal Medicine, Three-Year Community Herbalist Program (2010) under the mentorship of Gail Faith Edwards


  • Eye of the Eagle School for Spiritual Light, Two-Year Shamanic Apprenticeship Program (2013), and Sound and Light Healing Training (2014), Advanced Shamanic Light  Healer Training (2017) under the mentorship of Leontine Hartzell

  • Studies with Mary Mueller Shutan:  Discernment, Ancestral Studies, Advanced Psychopomp Studies, Cleansing (2016 - 17);  Two-Year Spiritual Healer Program (2018 - 2020)

  • Studies with Lisa Campion:  Advanced Psychic Protection and Advanced Psychic Studies (2015); Reiki Master (2016)


  • Foundation for Shamanic Studies, basic shamanic journeying


  • Living in Practice with Margi Flint, Matthew Wood and Kay Parent


  • ABC's of Herbalism and other courses (2007 - 2008) with Susun Weed


  • Dr. Sears Wellness Institute Health Coach Training, Certified Health Coach since 2015


  • Aromahead Institute, Essential Oils for Natural Living Course


  • Floracopeia, A Flower's Power course in Flower Essences


  • Heatstone Center for Earth Essentials online Anatomy and Physiology


  • BA in Anthropology, Magna cum luade with Honors, Kent State University (1991)


  • MBA, Bryant College (2000)



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