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Exploring Spirituality pt. 1

These are expanded notes from a class I had scheduled. I feel this is a very important topic, however much it's overlooked. Most people think they know what spirituality is but when asked, could you really explain it? I've also found that within the past ten years or so, spirituality has been conflated with self-help and personal growth. They're not the same thing.

Spirituality cultivates true power in a person. It's a practice, which a lot of people don't understand. You practice it and sometimes you're not so good at it - just like sports.

So, what is spirituality and spiritual practice?

I did a cursory search online and found lots of different definition, including some that were solely focused on the individual, so more like personal growth stuff. It can also mean working within one's own religion. The definition of spirituality I use is concerned with meeting and connecting with something larger outside ourselves: Nature, God, the Creator, the Divine, etc.. A true spiritual experience will often be described as sacred, transcendent, deep, perhaps a feeling of deep connectedness to Nature or to God/Creator. Or perhaps feeling fully alive. Sometimes people have no words for spiritual experiences.

There are also things to consider when living a modern life as spiritual manner as possible. Things like karmic law and spiritual laws. People often talk about frequency or vibration. Healing is a huge part of cultivating a good and spiritual life as well.

I like to start people out with grounding. Most people (like 99.9% - making that number up so you get the picture) are not grounded. By grounded I mean energetically connected to the Earth through the first chakra, with the energy of the Earth running up through the central energetic channel of the body. This is so, so important. It's the very first thing I do when I work on someone, before they even come into my office. I ground before doing any spiritual work: meditation, journeying. I do it before doing any personal clearing or growth work. It is so important? Have I said it's important? It is!

If you'd like to watch a recorded class all about grounding, including a meditation, you can go watch my free class on Learn it Live Spirituality called Basic Grounding.

Spiritual laws are the laws of the Universe, the laws of physics beyond physics (metaphysics). These are laws that are part of how the universe works:

  1. Karma is a law of physics: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. More about karma next time!

  2. The Law of Correspondences: as above, so below; as within so without. Everyone forgets that last part! Here is our first place where healing work is going to show up. If you don't do healing work, your without is going to reflect all the unhealed within: your relationships, maybe your job, your state of mind, how your car always breaks, etc. Yes, this is also personal work and it's related to karma. If you are in a more healed state, your karma will be better since you'll be able to make clearer decisions and react (or not react) to other people's junk in a better way. And, if you raise your frequency, will automatically be able to get that bigger house or some fabulous spouse? Well, maybe but maybe not. We're working on the within, not on the trappings without. Doing a lot of spiritual work is probably going to change your attitude about a lot of this stuff anyway.

  3. The Law of Resonance: you attract to yourself others (people, experiences, etc.) who are like you. This is also known as frequency. Again - healing work helps here. The more healed and higher frequency you are, the more you're going to resonate with like people.

  4. The Law of Fear: you attract what you fear the most. AKA worry. Worry is like saying a prayer for something you DON'T want! I find a lot of fear isn't apparent to to people; it resides in the unconscious and is sometimes related to past life stuff. Didn't have enough money in a past life and you have tons of money now may mean you're a miser, worry a lot about money or it runs through your hands like water. All those things are in need of healing.

  5. The Law of Exchange: sharing and receiving, energy keeps you in balance. People often ask me why I charge for healing (and, like, why wouldn't I? Rent on my office and this website is not free!) No energy exchange now = you're going to pay it later.

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