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Winter Solstice Reading 2022

For my winter solstice reading this year I'm using Jane Brideson's Cailleach deck. I'm sure many of you have noticed that I love her art and feature it often in my newsletter. The depth of her interpretations of the Irish gods and goddesses ring true for me.

One of the other reasons I chose this deck is that this is the time of the Cailleach, the Old Hag who Shapes the Land. Her wisdom is deep and multilayered. I great appreciate her messages.

First we have the Wise Woman, a joyful visionary that is allied to the Good Neighbors. Her message for us is to heal our hearts with word and to charm a new way. A way of joy, beauty and connectedness.

The Setting Sun represents ending, release and parting. Very apt for this time of year. This card is the end of the solar cycle. It's time to let things go. Release, with a sigh, the experiences (both troubling or joyous) of the past year. Sink into the Hollow Hills for a spell and let your soul rejoice in the nothingness and quiet.

The Old Woman knits the Past into the Present. She untangles the yarn in order to knit the new, keeping what is good to shape the future. She unravels what is not right in order to create the harmonious, the beautiful. It's all connected...woven or knitted into the cloth.

A Joyful Winter Solstice Season to You!

~ Deb


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