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Baneful Magic

“Is this client asking me what I think they’re asking me?”

That is what I asked my spirits earlier this year when working with a client. The reply was affirmative. The implied thing was baneful magic, aka cursing. And, yes, it’s not uncommon for clients to ask me this, either straight-up or in a roundabout way. Many people want to control things and consider this another way to do just that.

First, what is baneful magic? It may include bending another person’s will, directing ill against them or even having outside forces attack them on purpose (psychic attack or spirit attack). It can make people ill, give them bad luck or even cause death: of the intended target, their spouse, kids and even pets. Yeah, not so cool. Okay, more like SUPER NOT COOL. Having been a target of baneful magic myself, both intentional and unintentional, it SUCKS.

Intentional baneful magic is exactly what you’d think. Someone intends someone else harm and performs magic to accomplish that goal. Unintentional baneful magic may not be on purpose or purposefully directed, but it’s more common. It’s usually the result of jealousy and gossip, so it may be pointed but there’s not an intentional ritual of magic involved. In a way, this type of baneful magic is worse because it’s a bit more amorphous. It’s hard to get a handle on. Usually, though, if you think something's going on, it is. It is always best to diagnose the situation, whether you use a divination tool yourself or ask a friend or a professional practitioner.

Karmically, it’s bad for both the practitioner of the baneful magic and the person who requested it. I don’t do it and get really – and I mean REALLY – rankled feathers when people ask me to perform it or ask me how to do it. Google that shit yourself. I don’t want to be involved.

I'll discuss remedies and remediation for this kind of stuff in my next blog post.


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