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Lunasa 2022: A Message from the Spirits

Lunasa Greetings to All,

One of the parts of being a spiritworker is relaying messages from the Spirits and Ancestors to the Community at large and to speak for those that have no voice. The Spirits do have a community message but first, a bit of background:

In our society that is hyper-focused on individualism (individual healing, individual spirituality, individual manifestation) community messages are simply not sought after or they’re not given as they’re rarely good. The Spirits don’t often tune in and go, “Good job, everyone!” because the results of being in good relationship are self-evident. Things go well for the community: rain comes on time and the right amounts, the harvest is good, the winter isn’t too cold, sickness doesn’t visit the entire community (here I would include plants, animals and humans and both physical and spiritual sickness). Essentially, the land and her inhabitants (all of them) are healthy and things are in balance and quite livable.

Right now, in our community/country at large, we have sickness, wildfires, floods, extreme heat, drought. Here in Massachusetts we have extreme heat and drought. Animals are suffering. Plants are suffering. Humans are suffering.

At the core, the message from the Spirits is Compassion. Compassion for the Earth, the animals, the plants, other humans, bodies of water, areas of land. All these things are alive and have spirit. Here is their message:

As embodied humans, you all have an important job to do. This job revolves around keeping balance. You are keepers; caretakers. You need to caretake the Earth and each other. You must have compassion for each other…meaning plants, animals, other humans, ocean creatures and even creatures you can’t see. Your (humans in general) actions effect many dimensions, not just your own. You must weigh your own actions against the good for all. Is this, your desire, good for all in the scheme of things? It is okay to live your lives every day. That is fine. The message we want you all, as humans, to think about is are you living, thinking of other beings besides humans? Are you giving gratitude for your life and to the Earth Mother? We all depend upon her for our lives…all beings. What are your offerings in ceremony? What are you putting your energy to? Does this benefit all life? Or are you veiling your human-centeredness in spirituality?

When the Spirits speak like this, they are talking about very big pictures stuff. What are we doing to fight climate change? What are we doing to stop pollution? What are we doing to keep the waters clean? What ae we doing to keep people healthy in all respects? As you can see, these are BIG questions and take collective action.

They are asking, ultimately, What is our Collective Harvest?

I know this is not new agey, positive-thinking-you-create-your-own-reality stuff people like to hear. We collectively create our collective reality. And it isn’t pretty, oftentimes.

Thinking in this way is thinking not of our individual selves but thinking in terms, as my friend Kelley Harrell puts it, as our community selves.

I don’t want to leave anyone hanging, so here are some practical things you can do.

  • As always, vote as if you were voting for all life, not just your frigging pocketbook. It IS compassionate to give other humans a helping hand. It IS compassionate to keep our Earth Mother clean and free of pollution.

  • You can do really simple things to help in your local area. Give money or time to help other humans, animals and plants. Feed birds, keep water out in drought situations. Pick up litter. Use environmentally friendly products.

  • Write or call your legislators to support legislation to keep all life safe. Support environmental initiatives, climate change initiatives, keeping children fed and healthy, helping families…things that create a more compassionate world.

  • Pray and do ceremony. Pray for our leaders to act responsibly to keep our Earth and her inhabitants healthy. Pray for them to makes decisions that are in line with what is best for ALL life. Ceremonies give gratitude. Check in with your own guides. What kind of ceremony would they like you to do? What kind of simple offerings can you do? Do not be surprised if your guides tell you to pick up litter, join groups, write letters, join a protest, acknowledge the water you use or any other mundane act. No act is wasted.

Life is Sacred. Life is Ceremony.

Lastly, the Spirits do not want us to feel despondent. They want me to remind you that actions speak louder than words. Our world is in our hands. We have the power to change things with both our prayers and our actions.

Wishing you a blessed harvest season,



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