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I help people transform their lives into ones of beauty and connection with the Earth Mother and the Divine.

Who I Work With

  • I work with people who have had trauma of any kind.

  • I work with psychic, sensitive and empathic people who need help managing their skills.

  • I work with other Healers to help keep them grounded and clear so that they can help their clients in the best possible way.

  • I work with people going through hard times or who are just stressed out or just feel that something is not "right".

How I Help My Clients

  • I use Divine Light Energy Healing to clear Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Energy Blockages and more.

  • Deathwalking work (removal of ghosts and other entities from a person's energy body).

  • I use soul retrieval to release trauma and unhelpful behavior patterns.

  • I clear karmic to enable my clients to release karmic patterns.

  • I clear ancestral karmic patterns to release clients from harmful family karmic patterns.

  • I may use Reiki healing to clear energy and stress from my clients.

  • I offer continuing support through herbal remedies, flower essences, meditations and energetic clearing techniques.

  Sessions are available through Zoom.

Initial Healing Session/ $250


Follow-up Session/ $225(60-minutes)

If you would like to book a session or are unsure what you need please Contact Deb


  • Distance Healing available via Zoom. I not longer offer in-person healing.  

  • Healing sessions include one, brief email-check in.

  •  Initial session appointments are booked at least one week in advance. 

  • Clients should refrain from alcohol and recreational drugs for at least one week before the healing session.


Or visit Elder Grove Shamanic Healing on Facebook for videos to get a feel for what working with Deb is like.







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