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Boneset, an excellent herb for treatment and prevention of influenza

Boneset! What an herb! When I first read about it I fell in love with it. Shortly thereafter I found it growing about 200 feet from my front door. It's an herb that was used by many 19th century doctors but in not so much in fashion now as it's a bit complicted to use and rather bitter. Its primarily an influenza treatment where the fever aches down to the bones. It may also be used to prevent influenza infection where it works as an immune stimulant.

In treatment of influenza it is taken hot as a tea, not more than three times a day. When taken cold it's more of an mucosal tonic, especially for the stomach. Overuse leads to nausea and vomiting, something which 19th century physicians made use of.

Look for this beautiful plant in more swampy areas. It blooms mid-to-late summer and is just majestic with its serrated edged leaves and lovely white flower clusters.


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