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Baneful Magic: Part 3: Psychic attack by an unintentional thoughtform

This is my own experience with an attack from a thoughtform.

Some background on thoughtforms

If you hang around any paranormal community online or in podcast land, you’ll probably have heard of a tulpa. A tulpa, or a thoughtform as I was taught it’s called, is a being created by mental or spiritual means that takes on a life of its own. For example, many people think the Slenderman is a tulpa that was created from a story. Many people put energy into imagining that story and that character, so much that people now report seeing it. Magical practitioners can make a thoughtform on purpose or on accident. Dion Fortune talks about unintentionally making one in her book Psychic Self Defense. Once they get out and about, so to speak, thoughtforms are hard to control, even when created intentionally for a purpose. This is pretty advanced magic and the practitioner really needs to know what they are doing. For an unintentional one, there’s no control, because there’s no knowledge of what’s been created. This can be pretty dangerous.

The situation

This started earlier this year. My animals began getting ill. It didn’t seem too off at first. My dogs are senior dogs and health problems happen. A few of my elder guinea pigs passed away, but they were quite old for guinea pigs. Then my younger pigs started getting ill. Then I started feeling really off and so did one of my kids once she was home for a few weeks. I had a friend check on us and she felt we were under some kind of attack.

I’m usually pretty good with my energetic hygiene but had slacked off during the winter due to seasonal depression. This put us all in a bad situation so I went right to my spirits to find out what was going on. I was really surprised to find that thoughtform my spirits showed me. It had been inadvertently created by some of the women in the neighborhood and ended up attacking our house. We are the neighborhood weirdos, after all with all the wildlife and wild plants in our yard.

In the end, my spirits and I had to dismantle the thoughtform and re-ward our property, which I now realize I should do on a regular basis. We also agreed upon further plantings up by the road where these women walk multiple times a day.

What created this thoughtform was the 15+ years of these women going around the neighborhood, in the same direction, gossiping and complaining multiple times a day, creating a whirl of energy, emotion and movement. They talk quite loudly so I know they talk about personal problems (hence, the emotional component), and, of course the energy with the loud talking and walking (a type of ritual physical action). Hypothetically, adding to it might be one of them exploring spiritual stuff and gaining some focused intent and possibly spirit help. This last thing happens a lot - and I mean A LOT - now as it's easy to get all kinds of information on the internet.

Interesting to note, by the time I was working with my spirits both the one kid and I had similar symptoms of increasing tiredness, nausea, and painful lymph node swellings. As I worked, our symptoms subsided and, afterwards, resolved within 12 hours. I found the lymph node involved especially intriguing but it makes sense. Our bodies, spiritual, energetic and physical, are intertwined. An attack on one front, whether like this or from a disease-causing organism, effects the whole. I’ve seen this repeatedly in my healing practice.

I’d like the takeaways from this to be:

1) that we all need to watch our thoughts and what we say outloud. Saying things outloud, especially with emotion or intent (or both!) is basically spellcraft, even if it’s not meant to be. As my Nan used to say, "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all".


2) don't fuck around with magic or in-depth spirituality without a teacher. I'm really serious about this. I see it frequently and I know other practitioners do, too. Much of this is what I can "more real than real". It's not play and it's not pretend. Shamanic work, real witchcraft, sorcery...all this is really dangerous. It can be dangerous to the practitioner as well as to others. Stirring up spirits has consequences.


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