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Shamanic Energy Healing and Energetic Clearing

  • Healing from an deeply animistic, cunning woman perspective.


  • Shamanic Healing is an in-depth healing, utilizing both traditional shamanic techniques and Divine Light. 

  • Healings may be comprised of past life clearing, ancestral clearings, current life trauma clearing, soul retrieval, entity removal and more.

  • Shamanic healing works on the spiritual, emotional and physical levels, clearing trauma and physical illness resulting from trauma.

  • Sessions are comprised of a client assessment (we have a chat) and then move into the healing work. There is a brief account of healing work preformed at the end of each session.

  • Herbal remedies, flower essences, meditations and more may be recommended to support the client's healing process. 


  • Healing sessions include one, brief email-check in.

  • Initial session appointments are booked at least one week in advance.  Clients should refrain from alcohol and recreational drugs for at least one week before the healing session. 

  • Shamanic healing work is not intended to replace traditional medical care, mental health counselling nor am I a trained mental health professional.


Initial Healing Sessions/ $250(60 - 90 minutes) 

Follow-up Sessions/ $225 (60 minutes)

To book a session or if you are unsure what you need please Contact Deb. 

I  preform divination with my spirits to see whether or not we should work with each client.

If you are experiencing a true spiritual emergency, please contact the Spiritual Emergence Network here.

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