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Context is Everything...things we miss in spiritual work

One of the benefits of working for over a decade in shamanic healing and space clearing is that I have enough client experience to see interesting, and sometimes, widespread patterns emerge. Sometimes these patterns are directly shown to me by my spirits during quiet times and meditation. Other times they'll directly say to me during a session "oh yep we've seen this before". Lastly, some of these patterns I've just noticed for myself.

One of the things that come up a lot is context; context in doing spiritual work. What is the ancestral and personal context in which you do your own spiritual work or your spiritual practice? What is the context of working on others if you have a healing practice?

What do I mean by this? For example, context may be what your ancestors think of what you're doing. What kind of support or non-support are they giving you? A withdrawal of support can have negative consequences in your life just the same as ancestors actively working against you and hindering you.

Taking this further, this may be doing things your ancestors don't like or not giving your ancestors what they need. For example, if you have a lot of Catholic ancestors they may be expecting things like masses said for them, church candles lit for them at church and things like that. If you get into witchcraft and you have a lot of Evangelical Christian ancestors they're not going to like that if it is not in the context of the type of evangelism that they have practiced. Keep in mind, some of that does fit in with what those type of ancestors did. Likewise, if you have Evangelical Christian ancestors and you really get into working with Catholic saints, those ancestors are not going to like that. Rectifying this may require ancestral healing and possibly the mass psychopomping of ancestors. Healing or creating a "truce" with the ancestors may also look like keeping an ancestral alter where you have conversation with the ancestors, lighting those candles at church, or even things like ancestor elevation rituals. Some of this work does require a professional.

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Another context from which we need to work from is our own mental and and emotional health. Especially when people first start out in the realm of spiritual stuff - whether it be things like automatic writing, learning mediumship, doing basic psychic development - things will come up for the person to deal with. I highly recommend that anyone interested in and/or doing any of these above mentioned things take a hard look at your own mental emotional health. Some of these things can open windows into a person's own psyche, bringing up things that have to be dealt with and of course they will be brought up in the most unpleasant manner.

What I see a lot is people getting into these kinds of things and then getting into trouble. Sometimes it is diffuse trouble and sometimes really acute trouble (here, think a sudden breakdown of personhood or belief systems). Oftentimes people do not understand the context of the trouble or even think it's a possibility and then won't mention it to a healer that they may be working with. It's really important that anyone seeing a spiritual or energy healer mention these things to that healer.

Spiritual realms are complicated. Dabbling in spirituality and like pursuits can be really complicated. Doing so may bring up really complicated problems. This is especially true for people of European derivation. We have not tended to our ancestors in a very long time. We're not in touch with our deep ancestors. And we are often getting into spiritual work without any specific gods or goddesses who may be able to protect us from these forces or at least can mediate things for us.

So all of these things are just something to think about if you're a person starting on a spiritual practice or spiritual path or even if you have been doing this for a while and things just aren't working out for you how you would like.

It's always I'm available for this kind of spiritual mentoring as well as well as shamanic healing work so we can figure out what is going on in your life and with your spiritual path.


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