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Baneful Magic, pt 2: Remedies

Part 2

“Ugh, why do my guts hurt sooooo bad?” I think. I have celiac disease and hadn’t eaten any offending food. I’d really been watching it since my stomach started acting up a week or two ago. It felt like bugs crawling inside. Yuck.

About a week later I get off my horse and hear a bone in my foot crack in a weird way. The next day I go out to my garden and one of my plants is missing – obviously taken. There

was a hole where the plant used to be.

And I feel so, so tired. And unfocused. All for no reason.

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Finally, I end up on the massage table of an amazing healer

friend. “You had a big ole curse on you…probably Egyptian-based magic. It looked like there were scarabs eating your insides.” That’s pretty much what it felt like, too. It took me quite a while to recover physically, not to mention mentally and emotionally. I had to have more than one healing, too.

This was quite a few years ago now. And the above is pretty typical for being the target of baneful magic. I almost quit working as a healer and taking students. I seriously considered it. Then I got angry and started studying everything I could find on the subject. I took classes with a very skilled magic practitioner as well. While I don’t practice magic much, I do continue to study it to this day. And I’ve worked taking curses off of others too.

First line of defense is to be aware and take preventative

measures. Talismanic jewelry or wearing jewelry with a Nazar, the blue evil eye repelling eye.

The second is to have a routine of spiritual cleansing. That can be doing spiritual bathing with specific herbs. I like the following single herbs or combos: bay leaves and lemon; mugwort; hyssop; or St. John’s wort – all with or without salt added to the bath. And any salt works. No need to get super fancy. There’s a downloadable how-to sheet on the Client Handouts section of the website.

The third is that you may also have to clear your house. You can do this yourself or have a professional do it. I'd recommend a professional if you are having poltergeist like activity. If it's just feeling yucky, again. check out the Client Handouts section of my website for how to cleanse your house properly.

If you feel you’ve been whammied, ask for help from magic knowledgeable friends. Do divination multiple times or with different methods. If you need to, like I had to, seek professional help.


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