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Surviving in Chaotic Times...

As a sensitive, empathic, psychic person I'm having a really hard time now. Not only is it that thin time of year, the energies right now are so chaotic. I know I'm not the only one so I have some tips for you to help you deal with all of this.

If you are sensitive, empathic or psychic you may be experiencing the following things:

  • Exhaustion even after a full night of sleep

  • Middle of the day exhaustion, especially after being on social media

  • GI trouble

  • Fuzzy brain

  • Headaches

  • A general feeling of unease, depression, moroseness, etc. I often just feel...well... icky.

If you’re feeling this way it’s time for some energetic maintenance. What to do?

  • Nature Clearing. Take a walk out in the woods or fields. Yup, helps every time. Don’t underestimate the healing power of Nature.

  • Stream cleansing. If you can – even wearing rubber boots – spend some time standing in running water. ASK the water to take your cares. Cry there if you need to. If other people give you weird looks wonder why they’re not crying.

  • Ocean time. Not everyone can get there but if you can, the Ocean is great. Wind + water + you can ground directly into the Earth = awesome. Wind + water is great.

  • Walk on a windy day and ASK the wind to carry your cares away.

  • Cry. Cry as much as you need to. I give you full permission to cry.

  • Cleansing/spiritual baths. While I often teach a whole class on this you can do this simple bath: 2 – 3 handfuls of salt (cheap sea salt is my fave or Epsom salts); half a lemon; a bay leaf. Put all these in your tub, soak for just a while asking your guides to clear your energy. Pour water over your head and whole body 3X. Get up, drain the tub and visualize everything icky going down the drain. Dry with a clean towel and put new clothes or jammies on. This is great way to clear junk. If you want something more relaxing sub lavender and rose tea for the lemon and bay leaf.

  • Have a huge fit in your back yard. Pretend you are a toddler and tantrum because it's really not fair or right or just. Who cares if you neighbors see? Times are super weird; do what you need to do.

  • Dance.

  • Make art. You can make art to burn it or otherwise destroy it.

  • Rest. Spend a day resting - bed, couch, wherever. Spend time reading, sleeping, staring, binge watching Netflix while wearing a facemask...whatever you need to do.

  • Herbal Teas! Of course, herbs are an excellent way to help at this time. All those relaxing and heart-helping herbs: linden, hawthorn, rose petals, lavendar... Nettles helps to develop a harder outer shell.

Make sure, too, that you eat really well (cut the sugar, lots of veggies, etc.), drink enough water (more than you think) and get some regular exercise, even if it’s just walking or doing some squats in your living room.

I hope some of these suggestions are helpful.

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