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Today I want to talk a bit about Offerings and being a person who Offers rather than who is just a Taker. This is a huge first step in working with plants and being reconnected to the Earth.

This is a bit of a hard topic in a capitalist society, where we're brought up to be Takers and those who are the biggest Takers win. It's really hard *not* to think of plants as things to take. Over the years teaching I've heard this many times: "What is this plant good for?". That's Taker thinking; how can I exploit this resource?

In order to combat this I've spent a lot of time doing Offerings and also doing nothing. My offerings include things like picking up trash in places I walk. Often this is my first offering to a new place. Other offerings include song. Plants and the land don't have voices and they love song. Bird song actually helps plants grow. Just singing tones is fine. I also give water sometimes.

small mushroom & moss, copyright Deborah Fate-Mental

copyright D. Fate-Mental

Sometimes I do nothing as in I don't harvest or take anything, sometimes I just visit the place and enjoy it. I simply spend time with the plants or maybe sit and meditate. I often recommend this practice to people because this process alone is incredibly healing.

I originally posted this on Instagram with lots of photos. They were all photos of fungi. I admire fungi from a distance. Some are edible; some can kill and I'm not skilled enough in ID to know which is which. I don't harvest any but do spend time appreciating them and connecting with them. I don't need to use them for anything for them to have intrinsic value.

Spend some time this week giving an Offering to your favorite place or plant. You'll be surprised over time how much that place or plant comes to look forward to your visits. ❤️

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