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Exploring Spirituality pt.2

Welcome to Exploring Spirituality, part 2. These two posts are condensed notes from a class I was giving.

In the last blog we talked a bit about the definitions of spirituality and spiritual laws. This post will talk about karma and meditation.


I talked about Karma as a law in the last post. It is the law that for every action there is an opposite reaction. When working on your own, personal karma I like to think of it as how you work with situations for your best outcome, with best meaning best for all involved. Karma resolves itself from life to life. If something is not resolved in the same lifetime the players will have to resolve it in a future lifetime. It gets very complicated as the energy may become more diffuse. Sensitive people may recognize people they have karma with and be drawn to them. Patterns that last over lifetimes without becoming cleared feel like railroad tracks as the energy become harder to clear and people repeat the same patterns over and over.

Some questions to ask are:

  1. What will ultimately take you to the best situation for your highest good? This may mean leaving an abusive partner or an abusive employer. It may mean limited contact with abusive relatives. It may mean tactful handling a sticky situation you'd rather avoid. It's not always the easy choice. Enabling people also generates negative karma for the person who lets it happen as well as keeps them entangled with the abuser in future lifetimes.

  2. What is true compassion in this situation? True compassion may mean letting someone hit rock bottom (no longer enabling them).

  3. Do I want future entanglement? Ultimately, this is why many healers, including me, don't do free work. They'll owe me later and, honestly, I wanna get off this ride sooner rather than later! And, as cited above, if a situation keeps going, that may mean further karma to clear in a later life.

Keep in mind that there is personal karma, ancestral karma, societal karma. Ancestral karma is seen in dysfunction that runs in family lines.

Please remember that this is a very, very simplistic treatment of karma. If you'd like to read more, here are some excellent resources:

Tina Erwin & Laura van Tyne. The Karmic Path podcast and books: Karma and Frequency; Soul Evolution.

Ancestral Medicine by Daniel Foor

Why Shamanism Now podcast by Christina Pratt. Episodes concerning ancestral healing

It's extremely difficult to clear your own karmic ties without support since there's so much emotion involved. One of my services is helping to clear karmic ties that are ready to be resolved.


Frequency and vibration are related to emotions. Emotions have a huge impact on our energetic bodies. High vibe emotions include compassion, contentment, joy. Low vibe emotions include jealously, grief, hate, sadness, fear. This doesn't mean you shouldn't feel sad once in a while or grieve when needed. If you are perpetually in those states, that will impact both your energetic and physical health. Seek professional help as needed (here we are again with the healing work).

Things can also be high or low vibe. Salt, including salt lamps, is nicely high vibe as are things like fresh flowers, frankincense. Low vibe stuff would be things like horror movies and the news (!). It's not that you can't look at those things but keep in mind the impact they'll have on you. I find Facebook pretty low in frequency and try to limit my time on it. Likewise, I do like to see what's going on in the world so I try to read the highest vibe newspaper I can rather than to watch news on TV as they're all pretty low vibe!


Power vs Force by David Hawkins

Karma and Frequency by Tina Erwin and Laura van Tyne

Healing: You can take it with you!!

It's the one thing you can take with you. Healing work done in this life translates into higher frequency/vibration and better karma. It's a lifelong process as well. Healing can be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. They all help and all loop back on one another in a feedback loop. Your mental health impacts your physical health and vice versa. Your spiritual health can impact your mental, physical and emotional health, etc. Of course, the more healed you are the higher your vibration, the better choices you make and the more positive karma you accrue. And you feel better.

Meditation & Practice

Why do we want to meditate and why is it a part of so many spiritual practices? Meditation is not just for relaxation, though it's great for that. Meditation calms the mind so you have more clarity and aren't working in reactive mode through unhealed emotions. Meditation can ease anxiety and help lower blood pressure. It can help you be more grounded & embodied. Our bodies are like tuning forks and within them lies our intuition. Being in your body more gives access to that. Certain types of meditation can help you recognize emotional triggers and work with them. This is great first step in helping to heal those woundings and traumas.

Newbies best to start with grounding meditations, guided meditations, mantras, relaxation meditations then perhaps work with Zen meditation (no thoughts, just breathing).

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