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About Ghosts...

Most people think about ghosts around Halloween. I think about them all the time! One of the traditional tasks of a shaman is working with the Dead. It varies from culture to culture: some cultures tend their dead; some are afraid of the dead and give them appeasements; some worship their dead. We tend to ignore ours in Western societies. In America we often contend they don't exist (i.e. there are no such things as ghosts). when they do. I did a FB Live video in March on this topic and I thought I'd elucidate a bit more here.

First, a shaman's "spirits" are not ghosts (or they shouldn't be). I use the word "spirit" to indicate entities outside myself that I work with. Some used to be humans, like the Ancestors I work with. They are not ghosts, however. Ghosts are dead humans that are stuck between dimensions. They are neither here, alive in a body, nor are they in the Heaven World or Land of Souls. Time doesn't exist in this between place. It can, however, spill over into our Space/Time.

Some things people ask or believe about ghosts include Can they hurt the Living? Why can't they just stay? They know more than us.

Can they hurt the Living? - YES. Yes, they can. They can drain energy from a living person. They can overshadow a living person's will (this is possession). Scratches, hitting, poking, pushing...all these things. They can invade dreams, too.

Why can't they just stay here? They have free will and can accumulate karma, which can be good or bad. They can be helpful but often are not because they are stuck in a trauma loop or have a unhelpful belief that they impose upon the living such as, say 15th century morality in today's world. Sometimes the Dead are quite malevolent and actively work to harm the living. Aside from that, our life cycle does not end at death. The next step is that we return to the Land of Souls to meet with our guides, relax, rest and plan our next life. In addition, being stuck between worlds is complete separation from the Divine.

They know more than we do. Not if they're stuck between dimensions. Ancestors that have lived well and died well and decided to return to help their Descendants know way more than we do. That process includes going to the Land of Souls and completing their life cycle.

What Do You Do if Your House is Haunted?

Contrary to popular belief, your house does not have to be old to be haunted. No one has to die in the house for it to be haunted, either. Ghosts wander around, sometimes they follow living people home or be attached to objects. Residual energy on a property can also cause a house to be haunted. Residual energy needs a helping hand to be cleared.

You can just tell the ghost to leave, which it may or may not. Even if it leaves, it becomes someone else's problem. The easiest/best way for people to clear ghosts is to use Tina Erwin's Crossing Over Prayer. It's really easy - just play the video on your computer or phone. Super simple! I also highly recommend Tina's series of books regarding her encounters with ghosts while clearing houses.

If you keep getting ghosts in your house (or attached to your person), you probably need a space and/or personal clearing. Read more about those in my Services and Rates section and book a session if you feel you need to.

Want to know more? Stay tuned as I'm working on a class on this very topic!

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