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A Time to Get Moving!

Card Divination for the Week of January 29th

Back to the Wild Wood Tarot! I recently bought the Wild Wood Tarot Workbook and have begun reading that. I’m really looking forward to getting more in-depth with these cards. I’m working with a new deck at home. My “used” deck is at my office for readings (link in comments to book an intuitive reading!).

Our cards this week are The King of Bows, the Adder; The Three of Stones, Creativity; and The Ten of Vessels, Happiness.

The King of Bows deals with Earth energies on the rise: Yang. The Adder is indicative of healing, magical power, balance. The card brings in the energies of true Yang: maturity, wisdom, energy, strength of resolve. These are the true energies of the Yang/masculine (as opposed to false Yang – bullying, aggression, etc.). They are building energies and what we would expect as we move into spring. This card signifies a movement toward goals. Again, this is typifying the energies as we move into spring, which starts this week with Imbolc.

Creativity! The Three of Stones. Let it Flow! Release your dreams and desires into the Universe; let them grow. Creativity is action: work towards your goals. Now is the time!

Ten of Vessels, Happiness. This is the happiness of emotional stability and freedom; of reward for patience. The true happiness of being effective and productive from the inside. This brings a sense of stability and groundedness, which we really need right now! Let this true happiness infuse your life; take pride and satisfaction in what you do well. Let that good feeling flow and radiate outward. Let Divine Light flow into you and radiate outward as well.

We can see here how these cards bring us an integrated message. Use this rising energy to work toward your goals. Use your creative powers (creative meaning ability to manifest) and let yourself take pride in what you bring forward, whatever it is, even if it’s just a clean bathroom or straightened up closet. I find the doorway to the spiritual is often through the mundane.

A good week to you all!

<3 Deb

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