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Into the New Year Card Reading

Card Reading for Christmas Week into the New Year

From the Wild Wood Tart, #16, The Blasted Oak

For several years now I’ve called myself the “no-shit shaman” as kind of a joke. It’s pretty true, however. My guides aren’t the kind to pull punches and most people who read my page or see me as a client know that I talk pretty plainly. I’m not one for new age platitudes or vague metaphysical language. One of the reasons I love using cards is that they show both the light and the dark. Without both, we are not whole.

On to our card to take us into the new year, The Blasted Oak. Firstly, let’s remember that to bring about new things, other things must die. Nature does this. Plants die back in the fall; annuals die and perennials and trees slumber through the winter with their energy deep in the ground. The Blasted Oak is a card of sacrifice and letting go. The figure on the card itself reminded me of how Odin may have come down from Yggdrasil after he hung there (that’s how he discovered the Runes). This card has to do with being released from illusions about the world. When we experience this, it’s often not very pleasant. Only later (sometimes much later) do we realize what’s happened and how this trauma or turmoil moved us on to where we needed to be going. As we look at the card, we see the person’s bonds burning, symbolizing freedom to move forward.

This card goes with the general theme of the season, that of letting go to make room for the new. This is a tough card as this is a tough time for all of us. We need to be very grounded at this time in order to process the changes we may be going through. While it might not all be pleasant, it is forward movement. Take some time to say goodbye to things that don’t serve you or that have recently left your life. They make way for better things.

Happy New Year,

Deb <3

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