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Solstice 2017 Card Reading

If you follow my Facebook page you know I've been doing card readings for the past few months. I try to do them weekly but sometimes life gets in the way! I started pulling cards from the Druid Plant Oracle. This month (December) I decided to switch gears just a bit and use the Wild Wood Tarot. This is more like a traditional tarot with major and minor arcana (big cards and suites of cards). I really like the ancient feel of these cards. I bought the deck based entirely on the look of the cover and I wasn't disappointed! What I also like about this deck is that we can get more information since I'm using spreads.

For the Solstice, being a holy day, I decided to use a spread rather than pulling a single card. The spread I pulled is called The Pathway Spread and answers a specific question. The question I asked on behalf of all my FB followers was “What do my followers need to know for the upcoming Solstice Week?” I drew the cards on Tuesday. The spread is laid out so that the middle card is #1, the issue at hand; the left card is #2, the actions to avoid; and the right card is card #3, the actions to be taken.

Our card #1 is The Hare, The Queen of Bows. Hare symbolized fertility and spring time – the time of new beginnings when things start to be visibly growing. Hare brings in kindness, courtesy, helpfulness, understanding and responsibility. In other words, Hare is a grown up! At issue this week are thoughts around our responsibilities as adults in our own lives. Hare is here to support us with kindness and understanding as we should support others (and ourselves!) in this manner. This does not mean, however, that anything goes! We are adults and have responsibilities to act like adults.

Card #2, our actions to avoid. The card drawn for this position is The Guardian. What this card represents is our unconscious fears and our shadow sides. The Guardian reminds us to face our shadow and not succumb to fear. Think logically about things and do shadow work if needed (examining your actions as manifestations of your unconscious false beliefs and fears) to avoid reactivity.

Card #3, actions to take is The Ten of Vessels, Happiness. This card signifies a reward for patience: true emotional stability and freedom. This is the happiness resulting from a sense of fulfillment and empowerment, usually as gained through work or good deeds. It’s also the full ability to both give and receive with gratitude.

Overall, what this spread saying to me is that it’s time to act responsibly, as adults, and do the hard work as needed, whether it be work out in the world or personal work on the self or both. The result will be deep fulfillment and true empowerment, things that change us at our cores and are not transient. This is what is needed at this time. What a message on the Solstice!

Happy Solstice Week!

Deb <3

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