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What Can an Herbalist do for You?

As a healer, I combine the talents of an herbalist and a shaman to work out and treat the root cause of my clients' problems. I can work with any problem - chronic problems like headaches or digestive distress; healing the gut from food allergies; depression, anxiety or general malaise; just not feeling "right" or having low energy; PTSD.

What I do is to look for patterns in people or look for what is really going on; I don't treat symptomatically. This means I don't just look at the symptom and give a herb for those symptoms. Practicing herbalism require a different paradigm, one of looking at the whole person including what is going on in their lives, life stages, personal constitution and keeping herbal energetics in mind. So, if one client is getting headaches from a hidden food allergy and another client is getting headaches from stress or bad posture, I will recommend different strategies in order to gain relief and bring healing. In the healing paradigm that I practice I don't use "cover the symptoms"; I deal with the root cause of the problem.

I bring healing energy work into my practice because many diseases start out in the energetic realm and work their way in. In order to fully heal people I may have to deal with both physical and energetic issues. If my client is experiencing health problems due to negative self talk, I am going to deal with the physical side with herbs and the energetic side with clearing the person's energy field of the negativity. I will also teaching my client how to talk gently to his- or herself. I strive for a truly integrated approach.

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