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Basic Care for Psychics, Sensitives & Empaths, Part 1

This is going to be a multi-part series on self-care for psychics, sensitives & empaths.

We're starting with the very basics today: food, hydration and exercise. We highly sensitive folks REALLY need to take good care of ourselves. See what works for you. That does take some experimentation and things will change as your vibration changes.

  • Food…sensitive people often have a hard time with food, especially sugar. Sugar attracts negative spirits as well as being highly addictive. It weakens your energy field, too. This is really important for empaths who are often targeted by energy vampires or psychics who need strong boundaries.

  • When I say sugar that includes anything refined that turns into sugar quickly in the body….cookies, pastries, donuts, soda, juice, lots of honey or maple syrup, etc. You may have to do a bit of investigating as to what’s bothering you if you suspect you are sensitive to a food.

  • Whole, unprocessed foods are best: veggies, fruit, fish, meat that has been raised well. Processed foods really lower our vibration. Please don’t think of this as “I need to totally chop everything or grind all my own flour”.

  • There are tons of short cuts you can utilize. I buy pre-cut or frozen veggies (frozen veggies are often cheaper). I make quick meals (one protein, a quick salad, one frozen veg and maybe a starch). I roast a lot of veg: pre-cut broccoli or cherry tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and put in a 375-degree oven for 30 minutes or so. It takes 5 minutes.

  • I love my Instant Pot! So convenient!

  • Try meal planning.

  • Don’t discount eating meat. Some of us can’t manage without it; if you can, great! Anytime I cut it out of my diet I get very ill and that does me no service. We all get eaten in some manner. Offer extra gratitude if eating it ethically bothers you.

  • Do continue to do anything that you feel helps you stay grounded and in good health, especially if you use your skills to help others. Any supplements, vitamins, minerals, special foods that help you, keep taking them. You may have to reevaluate periodically, cut back on some things during some seasons or ramp them up during other times of the year.

  • Keep in mind this is a case of vibration and resonance. Junk food has a low vibration and you want your vibration to be high.

  • Especially for anyone wired with a highly sensitive nervous system, I really recommend nervine herbs: chamomile, skullcap, lavender, roses, valerian, hops, wood betony, lemon balm, linden, hawthorn... I'll do a separate post on these.

  • I know the above sounds daunting but you can do it! And you will feel so much better!

  • Exercise. I personally find that exercise plays a huge part in managing my own empathic and psychic abilities. It’s embodying and grounding. I personally use bodyweight exercises; I also hike, bike and horseback ride but any sport or workout plan will help put you in your body. Martial arts and qi gong are really good at helping mediate and control energy. Yoga may be too ungrounding for some of us but the breath work can be helpful. Again, if it's working for you, keep doing it.

  • You may need to work on grounding first, however, especially if you have been traumatized at some point. Feeling "spacey" is an indicator; clumsiness also.

  • If you've had a lot of wounding in chakras 1 - 3, I highly recommend doing core exercises in conjunction with other healing working on the lower chakras.

  • Stay hydrated! Water really helps with feeling better in general. P/S/E people seem to need even more. I also like herbal teas or infusions, mineral water, plain fizzy water with a bit of juice.

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