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Card Divination for the Week ofJan 15th

This week I’m going back to the Druid Plant Oracle, mainly because I left the WildWood Tarot at home! It’s fine, though, and reminded me how much I love this deck and plants. It’s been so cold again here in Massachusetts that I feel like Spring is really far away. It’ll be here soon, though. I have plants both in my home and in my new office so that really helps. Last year I also bought a Hellebore, often called a Christmas or Lenten rose. These plants are extremely cold hardy and bloom in the winter in Europe. Mine is on the deck and thriving, even with all the cold and snow. Plants are so amazing. On to the reading!

This week’s card is Chamomile. When I see Chamomile I always think of Beatrix Potter’s Mrs. Rabbit giving her Peter a cup of Chamomile tea after his experience in Mr. McGregor’s garden. Chamomile is one of those herbs that people often dismiss but is extremely powerful.

What does Chamomile tell us? When I give someone Chamomile I want them to take some time to relax and take care of themselves. I feel it brings a deep restorative quality and I equate it with the color yellow. I feel it has the energy of the sun and brings that to the inner core, especially to the third chakra. It does have the reputation of calming the GI tract and I feel it works on the gut-mind connection, soothing them both.

Drawing the Chamomile card has a similar message. Upright, which is how I drew it today, signifies a need for rest, regeneration and guardianship of oneself. It’s time to resupply our vitality; time for some nurturing. Things have been really stressful for many of us, coming off the Holidays, just dealing with things going on in the world and just the stress of daily life. It all adds up.

This week, take some time for yourself to nurture yourself. Eat well. Take a clearing bath with salt, a bay leaf and a lemon or a relaxing bath with salt, roses and lavender. Drink some chamomile tea. I like to mix chamomile and rose hips. It’s delicious and relaxing.

Have a lovely week!

Deb <3

Deb is available for in-person healings and divination in Hopkinton, MA and distance via Skype or phone.

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