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Shamanic Energy Healing – What is it?

People do ask me what shamanic energy healing is and I always want to make a joke and say “Shamanic Energy Healing: for when you don’t know WTH is going on!”. It’s flippant, but it’s true, and as a shaman, it’s always good to have a sense of humor.

So, what is shamanic energy healing? What can it do? First, we need to talk just a bit about energy and what it means when I say “energy”.

Energy, when used as shamanic term, can refer to a person’s vital energy or essence; their lasting soul. Pieces of this vital energy or essence can break off during traumatic events. The pieces will go to all kinds of places in this world or in other worlds (in shamanism there are many, many worlds). Soul loss causes huge, huge life-long problems, including addictions, as people try to fill the hole left by the missing soul part. A classic, and beautiful, shaman job is finding, retrieving and bringing these pieces back to people.

Everything is made up of energy, as modern physics tells us, so this isn’t a too far out concept. How matter stays together and why we perceive it as such are apparently the big questions right now. There are energetic “things” we can’t see, that’s another kind of energy. Some of these “things” get lodged in our personal energy fields (not the same as the soul) that surround our bodies. They can drain us of energy. Pain with no medical cause is sometimes, not always, a sign that there is a critter lodged in the body. Shamans know who to remove these “critters” as I call them. I’ve worked on people who’ve thought they had internal, physical parasites but it turned out to be this kind of critter.

There are also “energetic blocks”. These can be all kinds of thing, sometimes repeated thought forms that lodge in the body’s energetic pathways. They keep things from flowing well. Things like energy from one chakra to another can be effected by these blocks. So, for instance, a person may want to create or manifest something but just not have the will or the energy to do it. There is probably a block. These can cause physical problems, too, if left long enough. As a shaman I know how to remove these blocks.

Those are some examples of type of energy and energetic healings. These are not the only ones.

How do you know you might need shamanic energy healing?

Soul loss often occurs due to a perceived trauma, especially one where you think you are going to die or wish you would die (“OMG, I can’t take another day of this… I wish I would just die!”). Some common causes are accidents, any kind of abuse (psychological, physical, emotional, sexual), rape, deaths, divorces, moving, war, even birth (Yes, even birth. Many of us today will have all of our children live to adulthood, but this was not always the case. After so many lifetimes of sorrow at loosing children as babies to disease and malnutrition, the energetic pattern, or karma, that was set from previous lifetimes is automatic depression once the baby is born. We call it post-partum depression today. Also, the birth may not have proceeded as the mother had envisioned. This can also cause soul loss.)

Some classics signs of soul loss are:

  • “I’ve never felt right since _______ happened.”

  • PTSD

  • Addictions, including those to food, drugs, alcohol and sex.

  • Overeating.

  • Depression.

  • Anxiety.

  • Not feeling right but not knowing why or the feeling of “something’s wrong with me but I don’t know what”. Medical checks will be fine.

There are others, but the above ones are the most common. Personally, the last time I had soul loss I just Did. Not. Feel. Right. That is the only way I could describe it. I knew what had happened, however, and had a soul retrieval as soon as I could.

What does a shaman do during the healing?

Classic shamanism is to go into a trance, often with the aid of drumming, and works with Spirits. This is how I do it. There is also a lot of work that goes into a healing beforehand. Before I work with a client I have to meditate, usually for at least 30 minutes, then call in my Spirits, which can take a while. If you’ve ever seen a video of an indigenous shaman anywhere, especially Mongolia, the shaman will be sitting and drumming, possibly singing, for hours. They are calling in and thanking their Spirits as they prepare to do healing. When I say Spirits, I don’t mean ghosts (or Jim Beam or Jack Daniels!). I mean beings like the Archangels or Power Animals or Ascended Ancestors. Spirts are emanations of the Divine and are wholly compassionate (that doesn’t mean they are always nice or nice, period). It takes a lot of time and energy to build relationships with Spirits. A lot.

The way I work is that I do what the Spirits tell me to in order to do the healing, which is perfectly normal for a shaman. Practicing as a shaman means taking my opinion and ego out of the equation. Always. Period. I have no real idea what is happening in the larger scheme of things for any client. I hold sacred space quite often but also channel energy, clean energy remove stuff, channel certain frequencies of Light, sometimes I am called to do vocal toning as well. Of course I retrieve and bring back soul parts, too.

When I work with a client, the client’s job is to be receptive to the healing during that session. Clients do not relive the trauma that I heal. Afterwards there is often “aftercare” or “homework” that the client has to do. As for what that is, it is different with every client. Every healing is vastly different as well. And I have no idea exactly what I’m going to be doing with any client. The Spirits determine that – what healing that client needs on that day. Oftentimes the client knows and will tell me later that they were hoping or expecting to get those particular parts back.

Bringing soul parts back is a beautiful experience for the client. We all need to be a whole as possible.

There are a lot of other things possible with shamanic energy healing; this has been just a brief look some of the things I do as a shamanic energy healer.

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