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What is Healing?


What does it mean to see a healer?

"I'm going to see a healer"... The feeling and expectation many people have of seeing a healer is akin to going to a spa.  It will be relaxing and wonderful.  Someone will care about you, maybe with the kind of feeling you got from being with Grandma.  


One way to think of the role of a healer is as akin to a midwife.  A midwife assists and support a person before, during and after childbirth but the midwife or trainer does not have the baby for you.  I cannot "have the baby" for my clients but I can support them during their rebirth!


Another way to think of a healer is as a guide.  The healer can guide the client and even open the door for them, but it's up to the client to walk through the threshold into his or her new life.


Healing does not equate to curing. 

Healing may take place even when the client does not get well.  Sometimes healing means that the client comes to terms mentally, emotionally and spiritually with whatever process is going on. Healing sometimes involves death:  the death of the old self, of incongruent ideas, of unwise lifestyle choices, of unhelpful behavior patterns. No matter what, healing will involve change, work and taking responsibility.   Healing may also mean that the pain or anxiety the client is experiencing does leave.


What does this mean in practical terms?  Personally, I can say I healed my insulin resistance.  Does that mean I can now eat all the cookies, cake, donuts or chips I want?  No, it does not.  It means I have taken responsibility for my own eating habits and patterns, sought out help and worked to resolve those eating patterns.  I eat a supportive diet, exercise and meditate to stay healthy.  I cannot magically negate the prior choices I made for decades of my life.  I have cleared the root problem and have learned to live with, and be at peace with, the consequences of my prior actions.

What do do as a shamanic energy healer? 

As a shamanic energy healer I work with my own spirit guides, archangels, and Divine Light to heal past and present life traumas, do things like psychic surgery, repair light lines in the body, resolve familial trauma through ancestral healing, sometimes even removing disease or pain from the body.  This is NOT psychology, coaching or mental health counselling.  This is real work with real spirits and Divine Light.   I don't do guided self-help stuff, I'm an old-fashioned spiritual healer.  I have the ability to deal with both really scary stuff (like possessions) as well as work at the level of Divine Light healing (I can bring in Divine Light and do Light surgery and repair the light lines in the body) .


Will I be healed?  How long will it take?  What can I expect?

Healing is a journey, sometimes involving a team of support.  As a healer I can help you on your journey; I open the door of healing for my client to walk through.  It is up to the client to actually take those steps.  Sometimes how long it takes is up to the client.  For some people it's in fits and starts for others progress may be slow and steady. Sometimes the information is hidden to me, often meaning the client must make many choices and there will be many different roads to choose from. Spiritual and karmic learning take many paths.  

This is real healing work and the journey is one of discovery and beauty. 


I do refer people to other practitioners when I feel it is necessary.  I like to encourage my clients to think of this as a healing team - and it is!  Who doesn't want a wonderful, caring team on their side?

During a consultation with me I may recommend things such as meditations, flower essences, dietary changes, herbs, lifestyle changes, spiritual bathing and house cleansing.  I am a wholistic practitioner and aim to treat the body, mind and spirit. 



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