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About My Herbal Practice

My herbal practice is centered on using whole plant medicines to treat the whole person. 

What does this mean?


This means that I rarely use pills, supplements or standardized extracts.  Whole plant medicine may include tinctures, infusions of dried plant material, teas and topical products, like salves or infused oils.  I also take into consideration a person's constitution and other things, like how the issue is presenting and match the person with the herb or plant medicine I feel is appropriate.  Because I come from the Wise Woman Tradition I often use weedy plants as well as more common herbs that I know intimately rather than exotic herbs or whatever is popular at the moment. I also cannot give you something that will equally replace a pharmaceutical. That is not how I practice.

When I say I treat the whole person it means that I look to see what the inner imbalance is; I don't just look at the symptoms.  I often start with diet adjustments and lifestyle adjustments as they can be contributing factors to the imbalance. Working with diet and lifestyle is equally important as any herbal medicine protocol.

When warranted I will recommend energy work, acupuncture, massage, etc., if I think that will be beneficial.

Please note that while herbal medicine is an ancient tradition, it is a gentle tradition as I practice it. Remedies take time and are often ritualized.  I will probably want you to drink that tea while sitting quietly (not pop some pills and go).  Remedies often take weeks to have an effect as they gently bring the system back where it should be. Herbal medicine is also not inexpensive or always forage-able, especially as it's become more popular.  It's definitely less expensive if you make it yourself.  I can certainly show you how to do that.

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