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Lessons from a Pandemic Year

This year has been the year of two things in my healing practice:

1. Clearing haunted houses because it becomes really hard to ignore the hauntings when you're home all the time. I like doing this cuz I never know what's causing the probs. It's only ghosts some of the time. Keeping things clear is then pretty easy for the homeowner afterwards since I give them a "prescription" and how-to's.


2. Working with unhealed healers. The thing about this is that these people work with clients and many of them shouldn't. Many of them were trained as healers and never told they needed to heal themselves first. This is a problem I set firmly at the feet of the people who taught these programs.

Also, though, it's client beware. Know your practitioner. Do they have a mentor? Have they done their own healing work? do they have a clearing practice - in general? After each client? What is it?

Ask these things of any alternative practitioner you see. Don't just assume because they're "a certified woo master" they've had any healing work done on themselves.

I've had enough people approach me wanting to learn with me and then leave because I've told them that, first and foremost, they need to at least *start* healing work on themselves. They go find someone else to work with. I should note here that I do not require people to do healing work with me. I only ask that they start it with *someone*. Many people who want to be healers won't even start on themselves.


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